Client Guide

Dear Client,

We at East Coast Restorations are empathetic toward the damage and possible loss which has occurred at your residence or place of business. We understand that any disruption to your home and its contents can be distressing and you most likely have not been through this before. Please take the time to read through our site and familiarise yourself with who we are and know that our ambition is to provide you with an outstanding professional service.


Our qualified technicians have or will call and arrange a time to inspect your premises and begin a program of salvage and restoration. You will be kept up to date with what is happening and you can contact us at any stage of the process should your needs change or if you have any questions, we are more than happy to help.


In cases of water damage generally on the initial inspection, excess water has been extracted, your carpet may have been lifted, underlay may or may not have been removed and furnishings may have been repositioned from the affected area. Drying equipment may have been installed including fans and or dehumidifiers, moisture readings have been recorded and an estimated completion date will have been given. Your assistance in keeping the equipment running and required doors closed would be greatly appreciated as this will ensure the shortest possible drying period is achieved. Damp carpet may have a noticeable odour until drying is completed, this is normal. Monitoring of the drying process will take place and we are available should you have any concerns. You can download a copy of this guide by clicking here


In cases of fire, smoke and soot damage, generally an initial site visit will be arranged with you to devise an action plan. In some cases contents items will need to be packed out and removed from your home and transported to our factory located in Townsend NSW. If this is the case we ask that you inform us of, or remove yourself any personal or sensitive items that you may not want us to handle. When packing packing out the greatest care is taken with all items and are packed professionally for transportation. Generally once at our factory your items are unpacked and processed individually as required. Electrical items will be tested and tagged before being returned to you. Usually whilst processing is taking place at the factory a qualified team will assemble and take care of any structural/building cleaning as required at the place of loss. In cases where it is not possible to return items to you straight away your contents will remain at the factory which is monitored and alarmed. Otherwise your items will be returned to you professionally repacked at earliest convenience. You can download a copy of this guide by clicking here 


East Coast Restorations makes your claim top priority it is our objective to restore your property to its pre-loss condition and we look forward to helping you through this difficult time.