Omegasonics Restoration Pro System

Ultrasonics cleaning, What is it?

Ultrasonic cleaning creates millions of high frequency,cavitation vacuum bubbles that search out and implode, reaching areas unable to be cleaned by hand or other devices. The process gently but effectively removes dirt,soot,mould,scale,rust and other residues from virtually any surface. Where ultrasound shines, is in the precision cleaning of a variety of household items and contents.


The Omegasonics Restoration Pro System package as installed by our company at its Maclean/Townsend factory NSW, comprises a pre-wash tank, an ultrasonic tank, an electronic cleaning station, a rinse detail station and a drying chamber.


Cost Effective

Ultrasonic cleaning has proven to be cost effective in saving on time and labour costs as compared to conventional methods.


Conventional restoration methods employed in restoring contents of homes and businesses following fires and floods often involves painstaking handwork with a good 30% - 40% loss. Ultrasonic cleaning can often reduce that level of loss to between 5% and 10%.


Ultrasonic cleaning saves Insurance companies considerable money in that goods that would have normally been discarded can now be salvaged and returned to the Insured.


What Can Be Cleaned?

 The hardest objects to clean following fire or flood include the small delicate items with a lot of detail. Figurines, collectables, electronic items including computers, televisions, D.V.Dís etc and tools have often been written off by insurance companies.


With ultrasonic cleaning, items that can be immersed in water are cleaned in a process that involves pre-wash to remove ash and soot and ultrasonic cleaning which deep cleans the objects. The items are then moved into a rinse detail station and then into the drying process. All items are then repacked and returned to the owner.


More sensitive electronic items such as computers, televisions, D.V.D. players etc that cannot be immersed in water are placed in an electronic cleaning station utilizing a combination of finely directed deionized water spray, soap and heat. The method is extremely accurate and thorough, and removes 100% of contaminants remaining from fire or water damage. Once cleaned, objects are then placed in a drying chamber. Following drying items are reassembled and packaged.


The list of items that can be cleaned is virtually endless, and includes objects such as figurines, dishes, glasses, silverware, silk plants, picture frames, crystal, electronics and even blinds. Fine delicate items are no longer a problem, and rust damaged tools can be cleaned so they look new.