Odorox Hydroxyl


Odorox Hydroxyl generators can be used to solve any indoor air problem. The system uses green technology which is fast and safe for humans, pets and plants. Indoor air can be 10 to 100 times more polluted than natural outside air because Hydroxyls are not produced indoors and hydroxyls which are naturally generated outside due to their short life can not travel indoors.


How it works

Hydroxyls (OH) are naturally occurring molecules that are created in our atmosphere when the suns ultraviolet rays react with water vapour.  Hydroxyl molecules or radicals are highly reactive and, as a consequence, short lived. Their critical role is to clean the earths atmosphere, ODOROX have designed a system to bring this action in to your home by replicating the natural production of hydroxyls. In the atmosphere Hydroxyls kill bacteria, viruses and mould, break down volatile organic compounds, chemical fumes, gases,vapours and unpleasant odours. Despite their small size, hydroxyls are probably the single most important cleansing agent for our environment. With the use of Odorox generators indoors contaminated air is drawn  through the Odorx's chamber via the use of an air mover where the humidity of the air is then combined with multiple frequencies of UV light to create the hydroxyl's which are then blown out into the affected room and begin decontaminating the air and surfaces of all contents.



Odorox Hydroxyl provide exactly that, Results! In a short amount of time , for example in a smoke affected room all odour is removed. The room is left smelling fresh and clean and without the use of chemicals there is no perfumed or chemical smell just a natural fresh deodorised smell. It really has to be witnessed to value its potential in the restoration industry.







Odorox Hydroxyl and the Restoration Industry

This new technology is fast becoming the new sliced bread within the Restoration Industry. It has the  ability to be operated safely in occupied spaces, creates zero emissions, uses no chemicals and does not harm any interior surfaces such as carpets walls or furnishings. It can be used in all circumstances where odour or bacteria is problematic. Safe for people ,pets and plants.



Soot and smoke odour removal previously was addressed with the use of foggers and or harsh chemicals. Traditional cleaning methods are still used to physically remove smoke and soot contamination but in areas that are hard or impossible to reach such as ceiling voids and wall cavities, installing an Odorox Hydroxyl generator will neutralize all remaining odour. East Coast Restorations have also installed an Odorox room in which all contents including soft and hard items are processed over a 24 hour period to guarantee all odour is removed.


Contents which have been affected by contaminated water, such as flood can be cleaned and then processed with the Odorox Hydroxyl generators to kill contaminants and odour.



Odorox Hydroxyl generators have quickly become a staple in our restoration process. Especially in the mitigation of mould affected contents. Whilst the contaminant must still first be removed from the item, applying the Odorox generators after ensures that all mould spores and bacteria have been killed eliminating the chance for regrowth and re contamination. Whilst you can not smell the hydroxyls the items processed are left smelling fresh, new like they have just been purchased.