Fire Restoration

Fire damage is not something we think much about other than installing smoke alarms and stocking hydrants and fire blankets in the home or office, expecting never to need them. For  some though this is not the reality. Accidents happen. We have seen many a house and commercial fire over the years and found there is no standard fire. Every fire starts differently, burns different media, burns at different temperatures and due to environmental and human factors has different outcomes. We would never say we have seen it all but we do have eight years experience to call upon.

There are of course smaller fires which may have been extinguished by the occupant and larger fires which require emergency assistance to be contained. Whichever the case resultant damage is expected. There are times when the soot and smoke can seem to cause more damage than the fire itself and while the fire may have started and been contained to the kitchen, for example, the soot and smoke can easily find its way from downstairs all the way upstairs to the furthest bedroom of the house. Affecting all of the contents in between, this is when you will be glad to have your home and contents insurance policies.

East Coast Restorations fully trained technicians are well equipped with the latest in restoration and odour eliminating technologies. We attend to your building and contents if both policies are held. We have the ability to perform all works on site if possible but for more heavily contaminated items and specialist attention to detail we will discuss individually the need to pack out and transport for restoration. We also have secure storage facilities for cases where rebuilding is required. East Coast Restorations also owns an Isuzu tipper truck for removing and disposing of any items or debris which cannot be restored.

So what can be restored? Is usually the next question. Short answer, most everything; Thankfully. From electronic items including computers, stereos, white goods, brown goods, lounges, rugs and carpets. Personal affects, clothing, pictures, art and frames. Children's toys and games.

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Below are some pictures we have taken at various sites. The soot in the bedroom photo does not stand out until an item on the bed is moved, as you can see the soot is so fine in this picture but has covered every vertical surface.