Injectidry - Timber floor drying

The Injectidry equipment is used to dry timber floors. We have successfully dried floors where cupping is already evident.  In the past these types of floors would usually have been replaced. At a cost of time and money to the owner of the floor.  The Injectidry system allows us to save enormous cost to home owners and Insurance providers alike. Timber floors have been dried without the need for sanding or polishing after. Eradicating the need of sanding also extends the life of timber floors.


The pictures below are of a bar and billiard room in a privately owned home which had sustained water damage. In the last photo you can see the floor had began to cup slightly.  The first two photographs show the set up. We attended this job site within 24 hours and saved all of the floor. When the equipment was removed the room was ready to be utilized as before, all within a few days. Needless to say the home owner was very happy as replacing the floor was to be a monster of a job in his particular home and a large annoyance as the floor was not long completed before the water damage occured.